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Omagh EPC

What we believe:

As evangelical Christians we believe that God speaks to us in his Word. The Bible, as originally given, is the ‘breathed out’  Word of God and is therefore completely reliable and trustworthy.

We also believe that the central message of the Bible is a message of hope and salvation. When God first made man he was perfect and lived in a perfect world, but man rebelled and as a consequence all men are now born in a state of sin. We all justly deserve God’s punishment and face a lost eternity. But wonderfully, God has made a way of salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ, who though eternally God, was made man. He lived a perfect life, but died on the cross in the place of sinners. The holy Spirit enables men and women to turn from their sin and to trust in Christ for salvation.

As Presbyterians we also believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms are founded on the Word of God, and as a confessional church we seek to express our beliefs through our worship and church life.